Hi I’m René! Welcome to my writing desk.

I’m curious about global challenges, tiny business and the art of bringing people together. To follow my curiosity and exercise my creativity I write a personal newsletter that goes out to friends, creators and hosts of all kinds.

Every issue covers a different topic that orbit around sustainability, interpersonal connection and urban life. I keep the newsletter at a personal level so you might also encounter pictures from me on an agricultural farm or cycling in france.

I like to think of the newsletter as a personal magazine or painting with words. In every issue you’ll find food for thought, personal notes and a short essay. Here are four essays that people liked:

  1. The Minimalist Entrepreneur

  2. Conflict vs Peace

  3. The Bento Method

  4. 4 Magic Group Sizes

About me

I grew up in the region of Trier, Germany with family roots in Brazil. After studying Media and Communications for Digital Business in Aachen, I moved to Utrecht, the Netherlands with a group of friends.

I run a small collaboration studio called Crisp Studio with my good friend Daniel Wirtz. I’m currently creating and teaching an online course at Facilitator School. An education platform for professionals who want to impact their teams with well-led and well-designed workshops.

In my free time I cycle on my mountainbike (let’s rather call it gravel instead of mountains in the Netherlands), plant and harvest food, play volleybal, practice capoeira and spend time with my favourite people.


René Nauheimer
Facilitator & Entrepreneur | I write about global challenges, small business and shaping meaningful experiences. 📍Twitter: @renaui