Dancing with Discomfort

The magic ingredient for engagement

My best work has often come with discomfort.

A presentation. A deadline. A workshop. Even while writing this post. There’s a certain sense of discomfort in knowing that I’m on the hook to deliver something. This way of feeling unlocks progress and learning.

In education, great programs incorporate discomfort to spice up the learning experience. Through assignments and working in public students are on the hook to deliver. Everyone is visible to the rest of the group and says “here, I made this.” By gathering feedback from their peers, students gain insight and can improve.

Education needs to be inconvenient because it relies on effort and discomfort to move us from where we were to where we want to be. - Seth Godin

In Gatherings, facilitators use discomfort to make conversations meaningful. They invite guests to be vulnerable and to engage in an open and genuine conversation. Addressing slightly uncomfortable topics can move the group to create insight and unlock connection.

When bringing people together we can create an environment where people dance with discomfort. The right amount of discomfort keeps everyone on their toes and can make for an extremely meaningful experience.