My personal values

A small birthday review

I’m turning 25 today!

As it’s a small milestone I took some time this morning to make a small self-assessment.

One of the impulses I got from Brene Brown is to grow wholeheartedly in sync with one’s true self. For that purpose I wanted to articulate what values I subconsciously rely on. They should serve as guidance to decide what’s important to me and what isn’t.

The approach is stolen from this blog article. I worked out the values I care about today, my aim is to revisit this periodically.

Here are the values I identified for now:

  • Human Connection — Deepen ties with my favourite people

  • Continuous Learning — Cultivate my curiosity and foster knowledge

  • Exercise Strengths — Leverage my skills and creativity

  • Downtime — Move, cook, meditate, play, read, sleep

  • Leverage — Investing time in evergreen projects

  • Money — Increase financial wealth

It’s just a list to begin with, the goal here is not to seek perfection but to get started first and review periodically. For now I’ll spend less energy trying to make quick money and more energy laying the foundations for the long haul.

That’s it, let’s eat some cake!

Have a cozy Sunday.